Political artist, writer, activist/organizer, DJ,  costumier, makeup artist and more…

(Sydney, Australia)


::: Selected projects :::

 Club Tracts

(Underground dance/party cultures theory archive)

The Fauxist International

(Activist Art movement, 2001-present)

 Club Meta Etcetera

(Experimental club-art residency, Sydney)

 Distopian Texts

(critical disability theory/politics archive)

“My Other Closet”

(Musical about queer domestic violence, Mardi Gras 2013)

Queer Provocations

(Queer political events series, Sydney 2016-ongoing)

Ghost Cvnt

(Transfemme Hauntology. Site-specific sound/performance)


::: Selected Publications/Zines :::


“So this one time i turn up for a trick…”

(Sex work outcall stories 2008-10. Also available in Lifted Brow Magazine)

Interstitial Bestiaries Magazine

(Sex personals & speculative literature 2010-ongoing)


::: Selected interviews :::

“Monsta Gras”

(ABC documentary, 2018)

“Werq the Runway darling!

Or, what Drones taught me about being a better Tranny”

(Artlink Magazine,  vol. 33 #3, 2013)

“Regrette Etcetera”

(Slit Magazine, 2012)

The Genius of Regrette:

Art, Sex, Drugs & The Politics of Transgender”

(Dangerlands magazine, 2014)

“Regrette Etcetera”

(by , HD video, 2012)



::: as DJ Meta Etcetera :::

 Club OVAHdrive

(Monthly Queer Club Night, Sydney)

DJ Meta Etcetera Soundcloud

 (& DJ Meta Etc interview)


::: Contact :::

 Regrette on Facebook

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